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Precious Investment Group was founded in 2018 with the sole belief that we can make a difference in our clients’ lives.  We believe in challenging the status quo, in being different and in leading by example. We are a culture rooted in deep fundamental research, the pursuit of investment insight, the understanding of risk management and continuous innovation on behalf of our clients, all of which is facilitated by the collaborative discussions and input of our teams across the organization.

Over the years, our passion to dedicate to different markets has benefitted our clients and afforded them unique investment opportunities. Our team’s drive and dedication is still just as dynamic as it was when we first started many years ago.

As a private, independent investment group, we are structurally aligned with the long-term interests of our clients. We have no external parent company or public shareholders to serve, nor other lines of business to distract us from our core mission. And with our employees, their families and our friends invested alongside our clients — coupled with our values and commitment to transparency — we are truly in this together.

From offices across Hong Kong and Canada, Precious Investment Group offers a range of financial products from equity and fixed income to alternative investments through our vast network of representatives.  In addition, we offer discretionary portfolio management services and implement strategies for using leverage in our clients’ portfolios.

Precious Investment Group has built a diverse team of individuals united in their commitment to bring some changes to the market while continually working towards their goal of meeting client outcomes and achieving investment excellence.

Who Are We


Precious Investment Group is a private, independent, employee-owned investment firm, a rare structure in an industry where almost all other investment firms are either public or owned by other financial institutions.

This independence along with our diversified business line focus allows us, both as an organization and as individuals, to commit ourselves fully to our clients’ long-term interests. With no external parent or public shareholders to serve, we are empowered to run our business with a lasting, client-centric perspective.

As such, our representatives, employees and portfolio managers have the freedom to concentrate their efforts on our firm’s core competency of investment management.  This advantage enables us to work with and for our clients in a way that other firms cannot. Moreover, our employees and their families have significant personal capital invested alongside that of our clients.

We are truly in this together.

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