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We serve humans by providing the most advanced biotechnology products.

Our Story

The application of regenerative medical technology in Japan is at the world's leading level. Represented by the clinical application technology of mesenchymal stem cells, Japan has widely used stem cells in the treatment of diseases and anti-aging treatments.


Regenerative medicine using autologous cells is a type of customized medicine. Regenerative medicine application technology is to prepare the cells provided by patients after culturing and provide them as products. It is a very difficult science and technology application mode. Japan has been at the forefront of the world and has constructed a highly reliable biological science application system that can be directly applied to human health and regeneration.


Japan already has the most advanced GMP stem cell laboratory, and now through the painstaking research of Japanese researchers, a fully automated mesenchymal stem cell culture robot that can be used in business has been developed.

We cooperated with the Department of Health in Hong Kong to set up a GMP stem cell laboratory to serve Asian and Middle Eastern countries and provide stem cell therapy. At the same time, we exports products and technical services to various countries and provides regenerative medical products and biotechnology products.


Relying on years of cell processing experience, combined with medical institutions to put high-quality cell therapy products into related applications, we are a leader in benefiting patients throughout different countries and promoting the progress of the medical industry. We are currently the only biotech company with a full range of cell storage, immune cell therapy, and diagnostic reagents. It takes the improvement of human health and life quality as its core, and to innovate and develop protect human's health.


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The Stem Cells AI Robot was developed jointly by two companies, the well-known Japanese robot company DENSO WAVE (デンソーウェブ) and the medical and pharmaceutical equipment development company ANIMAL SYSTEM (アニマルステム).


The Robot has successfully obtained the 15 billion Yen research funding approved by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). The Japanese government provide free assistance in the development of equipment.


The ownership of the product is jointly held by DENSO WAVE and ANIMAL SYSTEM. The internal software of the device was developed by IMAGE ONE (イメージワン 東証 JQS 2667), a medical imaging technology company listed in Japan. The mesenchymal stem cell culture method and culture software were developed and provided by the company. This product has been introduced to the East Hospital of the National Cancer Research Center of Japan in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, and is used in abdominal pressure incontinence and intestine surgery.


At present, the global exclusive sales agency rights for the robots are jointly held by IMAGE ONE (イメージワン) and its subsidiary RMDC. We have obtained its authorization for the sales of robots and its by-products.


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