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"Regenerative medicine" is known as the world's most advanced treatment method. Throughout the major medical advanced countries in Europe and the United States, there are only a handful of medical institutions capable of implementing this method. Among these few medical institutions, the medical centres we refer to are the top medical institutions recognized by the industry. During the referral process, we take a full range of services from comprehensive health consultation → harvesting cells → cell culture → putting them back into the body → follow-up diagnosis and treatment. In Japan, which has world-class medical standards and management standards, all medical methods in the treatment centre strictly follow the standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health. It is one of the few in Japan that has the world's top-level and is safe and secure. In Japan, there are strict laws related to the examination of institutions and facilities for the implementation of regenerative medicine, and the mesenchymal stem cell therapy of the treatment centre has been recognized by the national government in each application plan.



Consultation with accredited regenerative medicine physicians and consultants to determine the patient's underlying condition.

Consultation with accredited regenerative medicine physicians and consultants to determine the patient's underlying condition.


disease stage diagnosis

We will make a diagnosis report based on the patient's disease before referral, in order to ensure that the referral hospitals in Japan will accept the case. The treatment hospitals we provide are National Cancer Institute, Ariake Cancer Institute, Shuntendo, Mita and National International. If the hospital refuses to accept the case, we will directly refuse the patient to avoid wasting time and money. If the patient conceals the basic situation, we will stop the treatment directly after confirmation by our doctor or hospital.


The following conditions are not suitable for stem cell cancer treatment:

  • Has had cancer surgery in Japan for the same cancer disease and will not undergo surgery for two years after surgery.

  • Breast cancer recurrence is unacceptable.

  • Recurrence of same cancer within five years is unacceptable.


In the above-mentioned patients, if they know that the treatment is ineffective and they only want life-extending treatment, we can offer life-extending treatment. If the situation is accepted, various disclaimers must be signed before departure from Japan and the required fee shall be subject to the actual situation.


hospital referral

This information will be passed on to our subsidiary in Japan and the patient's condition will be studied. Depending on the type and condition of cancer, we will recommend one or more hospitals that can provide treatment and will submit the required documents to the hospital.

  • medical records

  • lab testing

  • pet-ct inspection, etc.


Basic fee for stem cell treatment

The patient is required to confirm the intent to disclose the information and pay for the treatment listed below. Fees are non-refundable and need to be declared by the patient.


  • Japanese translation of medical records: 200,000 YEN

  • Referring to the attending doctor of the hospital for review of medical records: 250,000 - 500,000 YEN

  • Administrative fee: 200,000 - 300,000 YEN

  • If the patient is successfully referred, we will charge a medical fee of 8 million YEN, which does not include any follow-up services.

  • If the patient needs more than one treatment of the same type, the follow-up medical fee is 4 million YEN per treatment.

  • This fee is payable before the patient travels to Japan for treatment.

  • For health treatment (non-disease treatment), the first treatment fee is 6 million YEN and then 4 million YEN is charged each time.

  • If a Japanese hospital accepts a case, the cost of treatment will be 300-400% of the cost of a Japanese resident. The reason is that foreign residents do not have medical insurance paid by the Japanese government on their behalf. The hospital will bill the patient directly for the original price of the treatment. The same cancer treatment costs half as much in Japan as in the United States.

  • We can only apply to one hospital at a time, and can only apply to the second hospital after being rejected by the first hospital. This process is to avoid more than one hospital admitting patients at the same time.


Attending Physician's Report Review

We will deliver the translated information to Japanese hospitals within 1 week. The Japanese hospital will arrange for a doctor to review the case within a week. The hospital will send a review summary report within two weeks. Additionally, the hospital will decide whether to accept the case.



If the Japanese hospital rejects the case, the patient will be notified of the rejection result. If the patient wishes to proceed to the next hospital, we will charge the next hospital's submission fee. The Japanese hospital will issue a review report and receipt within two weeks. Services will be terminated if the patient abandons or our partner hospital cannot be admitted.



If the Japanese hospital accepts the case, we will notify the patient of the acceptance result, the Japanese hospital will issue a review report and a receipt and we will coordinate with the patient and the hospital to seek medical treatment in Japan. Depending on the rules of each hospital, patients may be required to pay a deposit to travel to Japan for treatment. The deposit will be deducted during the treatment period and the hospital will also issue a clear receipt to reassure the patient.



Patients need to arrive at the hospital on their own on the date designated by the Japanese hospital. We will arrange for a professional medical translator to contact the patient in advance and follow up with the patient for three days free of charge. If the patient needs to continue to use the professional medical translation service afterwards, the medical translation fee is 60,000 YEN/8 hours and 40,000 YEN/4 hours.


Some hospitals will appoint their own medical interpreter. The translation fee depends on the hospital's regulations. If the patient hires a medical translator by himself, our company does not limit it. However, patients need to know that the company is not responsible for all consequences (such as unqualified medical translation, random translation, etc.) caused by hiring medical translators by themselves.


medical visa

If the patient is receiving treatment in Japan for more than three months, a medical visa needs to be applied for under Japanese law. After the patient is admitted to a Japanese hospital, we will send a specialist to arrange a medical visa. The fee is 300,000 YEN, to avoid problems during handover, please use our service.


service termination

After the patient is admitted to the ward, we will issue a document that clearly informs that the service and responsibility have ended. If the patient has other issues, he can entrust us to provide additional services.

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