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Miss Globe® is an annual conventional Beauty Pageant Organization that was founded in 1947 in Canada. Every year sixty participants from different nations and cultures take part in order to represent their country. The original Miss Globe® was founded by Charlie See. Miss Globe® was registered in the Bureau of Patents and Trademarks of Washington DC in 1975 and it was known to the public in 1988.

It is such an honour for Precious International Investment Management Group to host the 48th International Pageant Miss Globe® China Finals 2022 which is to be held in the month of September. This event will create the epiphany of opportunities and bring an array of benefits to Precious Group. The official press conference for the public launch has been scheduled for the 15th of March 2022. So we take pride in organizing and participating in this iconic moment which will take Precious Group to greater heights in the near future.



The main objective of this event is to promote women's role in today's world. Due to the prominence given to women which helps them identify their roles, talents and skills, the pageant is considered one of the most prestigious events in the Global Community. This event is expected to attract more tourists to the country which will have beneficial effects on the economy and society. Moreover, this International Pageant will be an ideal opportunity for the local participants to have international exposure and further their talents. Some of the long term objectives are:

  • They promote friendships

  • They encourage healthy competition

  • They promote local economic opportunities

  • They encourage self-confidence

  • It motivates the youth It promotes tourism

  • It enriches international relations

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