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For years of providing stem cell therapy and medical referrals, we have established ourselves as a professional organization. We survive and thrive with professionalism and integrity by providing the best equipment, service and care.

Today, we are a healthcare provider specializing in regenerative medicine management and research. This is accomplished through training and education, clinical pathways and patient engagement. As a regenerative medicine provider working with international research institutes, we have a strong commitment to all.

We are:

  • partnership with Japanese National Hospitals

  • members of the Hong Kong SAR Department of Health

  • the only medical institution in Asia that sets the standard by setting up a stem cell treatment centre

We offer a variety of regenerative medicine services to support your health and well-being. This is achieved through advanced disease management, industry-leading products and technologies. Whether it's immune system disorders, anti-aging treatments or oncology diseases - we are your best choice.



The world's leading advanced medical country

As one of the few longevity countries in the world, Japan not only has the highest average life expectancy but also has the highest healthy life expectancy. Statistics in 2018 show that the average life expectancy of Japanese is 87.32 years for women and 81.25 years for men; the average healthy life expectancy is 74.79 years for women and 72.14 years for men, ranking first in the world. The achievement of this achievement is comparable to Japan's advanced medical system, and the whole population is higher than that of the whole population. High health care awareness and high status of testing go hand in hand.

In 2018, the World Health Organization published an updated global medical assessment report. The report comprehensively evaluated and ranked more than 190 countries in the world in terms of medical level, the difficulty of receiving medical services, and fairness of medical expenses. Japan once again ranked first in the world.


Not only has Japan achieved one of the world's leading longevity countries, but Japanese medical care is also highly regarded in the world. According to The Conference Board of Canada, the average life expectancy in Japan also received the highest A such as mortality (cancer, circulatory disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disease, mental illness, infants, medical malpractice), etc. The evaluation also won the first place in 48 developed countries and regions in the world.



  • Anti-aging

  • Type I and Type II diabetes (non-advanced)

  • Kidneys (chronic kidney dysfunction, etc.)

  • Stem cell infertility treatment (depending on the specific condition)

  • Anti-aging of joints and muscles, repair of cartilage tissue

  • Liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis)

  • Lungs (Interstitial Pneumonia)

  • Brain (Stroke, Alzheimer's Disease Prevention)

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Heart (myocardial infarction)

  • NK,NKM cell immunotherapy (for cancer rehabilitation and prevention, excluding leukemia and lymphoma and bone marrow related cancers)

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