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This can enable both our entrepreneur and the investor ecosystems to solve access to capital, diversification, and liquidity issues together and tackle critical areas of technological and social change that may be overlooked or undervalued by the traditional alternative investment community.

What is provided in this blockchain project?

  • In order for start-ups to grow into companies, they will need more capital to sustain growth goals. We focus on securing sustainable capital hidden and overlooked talent across emerging markets and the diaspora.

  • We issue and list on our exchange a wide range of digital assets and tokens: utility and security tokens, hard assets, commodities, impact and alternative investment asset classes.

  • As more digital assets become tradable on our exchange there will be a growing need for liquidity innovations among institutional traders and investors. We provide in house liquidity to ensure trades close in real-time.


Our proprietary blockchain platform is a stable secure blockchain platform that is built from the ground up with our own team of developers and engineers. Owning and developing our own blockchain has many favourable advantages over other blockchain/smart contract platforms. By developing our own blockchain, you get:


  • A complete platform to build almost any type of application, especially in establishing native cryptocurrency.

  • The ability to add and support any other global blockchain network with direct plugging.

  • A high level of decentralization because the blockchain platform is owned by us.

  • Regular updates and upgrades to the core code as our development team sees fit.

  • Documentation and direct access to developers with experience with our own core engineering team.


100% developed internally

Other blockchains such as Stellar, NEO, Stellar, and EOS offer something similar, but with technological and protocol differences and platform bottlenecks. Blockchain systems are built as protocols, which means that performance is largely determined by technical decisions and trade-offs.


Our decentralized blockchain platform allows a network of users to make an agreement and a mechanism for coming to a consensus on which actions and transactions are valid. This mechanism is computationally expensive and slows down most blockchains as proof of work or mining significantly.


However, we decided long ago that designing and structuring these mechanisms is what determines the performance of a decentralized platform and would not have to make trade-offs between scalability, security and speed as our blockchain source code is 100 % developed internally.


Scalability is how easily a network can accommodate a growing number of users without degrading performance. The main measures of performance are confirmation time, transaction volume, and transaction cost.


Confirmation time is the time it takes for your transactions to go through the network. Sending Bitcoin to a friend will take an average of 10 minutes. On the platform/network, transaction will take 1-2 minutes.


Transaction volume is the number of transactions that can happen on a network per second. Bitcoin and Ethereum get between 7 and 20 transactions per second respectively. This is dismal compared to our initial values of 300 to 400 transactions per second.


Transaction cost is how much it costs a user to make changes on the blockchain. This can vary wildly, and as networks become more congested the cost per transaction can skyrocket. Our engineering team saw this happen in December 2017, when the Bitcoin transaction cost soared to over$20 and when the popularity of crypto kitties caused Ethereum fees to jump.


As mentioned, many times before, we have control over our network and pelage to keep it to a minimum; another distinct advantage with owning your own blockchain and infrastructure network.


The security of a network is how robust its cryptographic algorithms are against failure. In general, the more secure a protocol is the longer it takes to execute a transaction. Implementing our own Platform and supporting coin, we have the distinct advantage of designing our own security protocol while still employing a standard cryptographic hash for transactional data. The idea of having to sacrifice performance in one area to improve another is why we built our own blockchain platform, that being purpose-built for a given application.



Smart Algorithm

Robust matching engine, real-time balance, trade transaction history.

Fully Customizable

Ability to customize order books, multiple exchanges, pairs by region, brand, market, currency & digital assets.


Fast & Reliable

Realtime order execution, access to the high liquidity order book for currency pairs & available transactions.

Cross Platform

Easy to use web interface and user-friendly intuitive native mobile apps with seamless API integrations.

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